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From personalised greeting cards, stationery, fashion accessories to home decor. Find the perfect gifts and 'treat yourself' goodies down below...

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Houseplants have always been the major source of inspiration for Majukooo. The story began in 2018, when Maja, the founder of Majukooo purchased her first ever houseplant.

Hand Illustrated in Northern Ireland

Sustainability is at the heart of Majukooo. We have always made sure to reduce our plastic waste and co2 emissions as much as possible. Cardboard boxes, paper tape, shredded wood shavings, thermal label printer, FSC Certified paper, we have it all!

Eco Friendly Packaging

A sum of money will be donated each month to offset our co2 emissions! (We are currently funding the Jarí Para Forest Conservation Project in the Amazon Rainforest).

We Support Offset

By supporting Majukooo, you are supporting other micro businesses across the U.K. We source our supplies from other small businesses and we also work with independent creatives to help bring our ideas to life through the Majukooo Love products. A fair wage and good working conditions are always provided.


Making art accessible to everyone, no matter the budget is what we are all about. You will be able to purchase our hand illustrated designs for as low as £1 on .

Accessible Art

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