Our Story

Let’s go back in time to 2018, I purchased my first ever houseplant at IKEA and the adventure also known as starting up my own company, Majukooo was just around the corner!

 I always had a strong connection to nature, and during my time at school I experimented a lot with painting and drawing flowers (unsurprisingly my first products I’ve ever made were floral art prints and stickers). This really helped me develop my own unique art style, which I later used to illustrate houseplants!
 Another thing I learnt from going to the traditional 8-3 public school, work experience, volunteering etc. was that I NEVER wanted to work a traditional, corporate job. The discipline, mundane tasks and boring routine is what made me an unproductive, negative, ‘live for the weekend/ hate Mondays’ human being! The feeling of working hard for someone else’s dream and not mine was not what I was interested in at all.
 I wanted to share the most pivotal moments of my business with all of you; creating my first small range of products in March of 2019 using the £60 I received as Christmas money (we all start somewhere!), starting to sell Majukooo products with my first ever stockists, seeing photos of Majukooo products in peoples homes, developing my Majukooo Love range (collaborations with other small, independent businesses), creating custom, more professional looking packaging including these lovely greeting card tabs, having 100+ orders to ship out before Christmas 2020, the list could go on!
 I’ve realised that it’s so helpful to build up your business in tiny steps, working on your company every single day; in a way you have to treat it as your baby or your pet! Taking it step by step will lead to something big, believe me! Just keep going! ✨

Maja from Majukooo 💚